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Donna, Gail, Patti, Jennifer, and Dr. Kantro


staffAlan Kantro, D.M.D., is a graduate of
Cornell University, and College of Medicine
and Dentistry of New Jersey. He has been
practicing all phases of dentistry, including
family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, in
his Deer Park office for more than 25 years.

Dr. Kantro has been married to his high school
sweetheart Patti (not to be confused with Patti
the Office Manager!) for more than 35 years.
You may see her around the office, making
sure everything is running smoothly behind the
scene. Dr. and Mrs. Kantro have three fine sons.

Gentle Support Staff:
Patti, the Office Manager, has been with
Dr. Kantro's office for nearly 25 years, and
knows everything about how the office works.
She is usually the first person to warmly greet
you upon arrival, and the last person to see
you out! Patti can handle any questions about
insurance and payments.

Donna and Jennifer are the Dental Hygienists.
They have both worked with Dr. Kantro's office
for a very long time. They follow Dr. Kantro's
philosophy of gentle dentistry, and make getting
your teeth cleaned a positive experience!

Gail is Dr. Kantro's Dental Assistant. She has
worked with Dr. Kantro for more than 10 years.
Gail makes sure that Dr. Kantro has everything
he needs during a procedure and helps to keep
our patients comfortable.

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